Drafts — Writing New, Everyday

The world is full of things to think about.

Language is most powerful way to deal with it.

Human brain, is great cognitive machinery to sense, understand the differences of different things, adapt to the changing landscapes. The world is much, much more complex than ever has been because of the human brain, is now wired together through the internet and that internet, is getting better and better through countless iterations and billions of participants.

Drafts — Writing New, Everyday.

Writing, is one of the most fundamental skillsets to learn and practice over the course of one’s life. Writing in general, is getting easier and easier when the time goes on because you have all the evolving tools to write anywhere, anytime, efficiently, effortlessly, and even, sometime autonomously. Thus, you can give a shot to learn writing before everyone else get to write so writing becomes no longer a thing. Hopefully you have the best toolings for writing and it’s easier to start.

What you have to remember is only one thing. Write something new, from your brain, and just do it everyday. That’s all you need. You don’t have to pay a penny to learn the Guru’s tips or anything. You probably already have everything to start writing.

Simplicity is better than complexity.

There is a lot of ways to write. You may heard about the methodology called, Getting Things Done, Zettelkasten, Second Brain, Templates, Etc.

But at the very essence of everything, What you have to focus is only the contents that you write, and the intentional process of learning.

Personally, I use notion for writing all my drafts these days. The only justification factor to use notion as a note-taking tool is because it has skillsets to become everything, and also nothing. It is as complex as I wish and simple as I wish.

Tools for thoughts, Tools for writings.

Writing tools, are virtually in eveywhere. You can make any kind of tool as the writing tool.

  • You can transform your daily messenger app, as a writing tool
  • You can transform your Notion, as a writing tool
  • You can transform your Todo App, as a writing tool
  • You can transform your Email, as a writing tool
  • You can transform your Book, the very reading media, as a writing tool. You can highlight what you want to keep, think, digest.

If you only look around, there is a plenty of choices you can make.

I hope you get to write something new.

How to draft – with Notion

With Notion …

  1. Create a New Page named “Draft”


  2. We don’t use database or anything different because it makes cognitive mass to deal with except the writing itself.
    1. If you make a tag, you have to think about tagging a document. You don’t have to add tag if you don’t have any tag to add. Avoid database if what you want is simplicity.
  3. Make a simple list of drafts


  4. Set it as your favorite if you like.


  5. Enjoy writing your drafts.